quarta-feira, junho 13, 2012

Red Power

Girly silk dress 110€ sold

Silk Brooche 9€
Orange silk blouse 35€ 
Necklaces each/ 22€

Brown bracelets 5/9€, Brooche/12€, bracelets 9/12€
Coral trousers Size M/ 59€ sold
Red blouse 55€ (now) 49€  Sold
A red look in our window is a great hot/passion colour, and can be combine with in all the red scale colours or others, it just depends on every one's choice and taste :)
On the 15 of June until the 30 of July, Contemporânea  will have the pleasure to have   "Pinturas de Inês Sobreiro". Lovely paintings i must say:)... you are all invited and welcome:)

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