sábado, abril 28, 2012

Small things for a good ideia ;)

O dia da mãe está-se a aproximar... aqui tem pequenos mimos, pequenas ideias de bom gosto que vão agradar a si e à sua Mami...
Esperemos que goste!!!
Mother´s Day is coming...  here we have little delicate things, small ideias that will please you and your Mummy.
 hope you enjoy :)
Bracelets from: 9€  til  27.50€

Single silk blouse 59€ sold

Bracelet 9€

~Bracelet 9€

Single Butterfly Blouse 55€

That´s all for this week :) 


terça-feira, abril 24, 2012


    Silk blouse 35€  Sold           
Coral earrings 14€ Sold
Feather earrings 5€ Sold
Orange blouse 48€/ Size S: available

Jersey scarf 15€ 
Single Cotton jacket 45€ Sold

Bracelet 10€
Coral/American Jade, earrings 18€

Silk dress 49€ Sold

We have a few suggestions for you...the silk top is a single one, in size M, very elegant and it can be used with a nice par of trousers or shorts.  
the father earring have a great colour and can give you a cool look. 
the coral colour will be hothis season, and you should give it a chance.
Have a good holidays  and thanks for passing bay ;)

sexta-feira, abril 13, 2012

Cute sugestions for small presents:)

Earrings Aquamarine 18€
 Bracelet with deiferent stones 27,5€

Jade/turquoise earrings 18€  
Bracelet with green stones 27,5€
 Glass 6€
It´s about time... you deserve a litle gift
Red flower brooch 12€
Suggested packages...;)
                                                                   Glass 6€ 

                                               Earrings en lightgreen stone/silver  16,5€
                                               Bracelet  in light green/blue stones 27,5€
                                              Glass 6€
Bracelet 27,5€

Do you wonder which present  you will give, your mom...on her day:)
This nice glass 6€

O tempo passa depressa! Daqui a nada estamos no dia da Mãe (6 de Maio),nao deixe para a última e faça uma boa escolha com tempo! A Contemporânea decidiu começar a uns presentinhos...para si, para a sua Mãe ou mesmo para aquela pessoa que merece ser surpreendida com um Miminho <3! Dê uma vista de olhos , pode ser que encontre mesmo aquilo que procurava....
Até breve

Contemporãnea decided to suggest some ideias for gifts...Mothers day is just around the corner and we 
don´t wanna rush when deciding the gifts...take your time and have a look in our little store <3

sábado, abril 07, 2012

Easter time

Hand painted bag 39€

Our front window
Under dress Sold

Jade/silver earrings 14€

Crepe poncho blouse  now 65€(before75€)size M Soldout

Diferent kinds of bracelets
 Prices from 8€/10€/12€

Silk dress: 49€ Sold

Earrings on the shop

Lace dress 89€

Long dress 69€

If you are in colour mood or wish to add a sweet  new piece in to your wardrobe you are welcome to visit us...
It is the resurrection :) for all of us...happy easter and a very good April month.