domingo, fevereiro 12, 2012

Colours in my spring/summer 2012

Just coloured this fabrics today ... 
they will now be part of  my blue/green color palette.
Lace, cotton and crepe georgette...
Very happy with the results

Love the ethnic elements

And this is my red/orange color palette...

=)  this is just a little note regarding the coll. and what i have been doing the last 2 weeks
My clothes for the spring/summer 2012 will be kind of romantic but also relaxed with a certain hippie/boho touch that will give the pieces an allure of vintage=)
I'm really looking forward to have everything put together.
Next week i will be working with the blue fabrics i have coloured today and after Carnaval i will go into the pastels tons
...I need to buy me more time or two more arms =)
Bom Carnaval