quarta-feira, março 21, 2012

Romantic and colourful :)

Our front window

Dress and top 69€( 98€ before) sold

Red bracelet 27.50€ Sold
turquoise bracelet: 27.50€

Brooch: 12€

Coral earrings: 14€ Sold

Black blouse: 75€ Soldout
Silk trousers:79€ soldout
Size S: Available
String nekclace:15€ Sold

Some of our beautiful earrings
Hello =)
Here we are again, just to show you a few suggestions available in our store.
 We are still in a romantic bohemian mood, as you can see on the complete a nice personal look we do suggest aswell a few acessories with accessible price:) that's all, and see you soon...

PS: keep smilling

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