sexta-feira, outubro 28, 2011



Silk blouse 65€ -Sold out

Ref: 1116 Blue skirt 59€

Ref: 1244 Beatiful grey pearls-18€

Ref: 1136 Angel dress 79€ 

Ref: 1147 Skarf 35€

Mellow Rose Blouse -Sold
Ref: 1132-Silk skirt 65€

Ref:1272 Necklace 15€
Ref: 1281 Carnelian Earrings15€

Ref:1285 Carnelian earrings 

Headbands 6.5€
Broche 7€ Sold

Ref: 1087 turmalina Rosa 10€ sold

Here we are with a few news at Contemporãnea... the turmalina Rosa and Opala Stone are the stone of October month... beautiful and very elegant.
Enjoy our news ...

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