segunda-feira, abril 12, 2010

Sobre este quadro um amigo artista escreveu o seguinte:

There is a stability in solitude held, inside Memory´s opened architecture, that lets a sof wind slip through slit windows.
It seems that icy clouds are made of laced doilies, where sky and ligth frame the protesd glint on glass.
The hardwood floor echoes with slow dissipated footsteps each room recolls a distance set behind and emptiness.
A shadow´s remenbrance in left on pages closed in every corner, as a pressed leaf hides within a bookcase of worn books.
marked vacancy in the hall way is still, satined with those fait sun-bleached silhouettes where timeless pictures.
Hung through forgotten years beside the circular mirror, a lost glimpse slids through the haft open door to be found.

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